Bathroom PVC spliceable non-slip mat(4 Stück)

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Ideal for various spaces such as bathrooms, saunas, kitchens, balconies, poolside areas, yachts, hotels, bath centres, walkways, bars, factory work areas, and more. Can be laid in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.


  • Efficient Drainage Design: The specialized hydrophobic bottom design ensures rapid and effective water drainage, preventing water accumulation and maintaining a safe, dry, and clean surface.

  • Snap-On Interlocking Design: Designed with snap-on connectors and unique anti-pull rings, making it easy to disassemble, clean, install, and lay.

  • Perfect for Showers and Bathrooms: Primarily used for full coverage in shower rooms and bathroom floors (excess can be trimmed). The PVC material itself offers excellent slip resistance and remains in place. The required quantity is calculated by dividing the bathroom length by 30 cm and the bathroom width by 30 cm.

  • Cold and Heat Resistant: Enhanced PVC material ensures both cold and heat resistance, making it immune to melting in high temperatures or breaking in low temperatures.

  • Anti-Slip Surface: The surface is studded with spherical particles that provide a foot massage effect and enhance slip resistance.

  • Modular Assembly: Easily assembled in a flexible manner. Size can be adjusted, and edges can be aligned according to requirements. Individual modules can be replaced if worn. Excess can be cut using sharp scissors for customization.



  • Material: Polymer-modified PVC
  • Colour: grey, blue, green, yellow, dark green, white
  • Size: 30×30×1cm (per piece)
  • Weight: round hole type about 310g/piece
  • Required Quantity = Length/30cm × Width/30cm



  •  PVC spliceable non-slip mat



  • Please allow slight measurement deviations due to manual measurement.
  • Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual colour of the item might be slightly different from the colour shown in the pictures.
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