Pipe Dredging Spring

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You must have these problems!!!
❌ Drain is clogged and the water is slow!
❌ Difficult to use, gets clogged
❌ Hiring someone at a high price that takes time and effort!
Choose our pipe dredging spring to solve the blockage problem easily.

Simply connect the electric drill and insert the dredging spring into most drain pipes and filters as it will grab the obstructions in the trap where most blockages occur.

Spring design, bendable, provides a quick way to grab hair, food, trash and other obstructions that cause a clogged drain in the bent pipe.


  • Easy to remove
    1M or 2M spring steel cable that goes beyond traps to remove most household blockages to clear drains and keep your drains running smoothly.

  • Coil spring head
    Spring design, flexible, can easily pass through the curved pipe, quickly dredge the dead angle of the pipe and bring out the blocked garbage.

  • Robust and durable
    Uses high quality manganese steel material, spring steel wire, good ductility, not easy to break, and not easy to rust after surface treatment.

  • Universal interface
    Universal drill interface, suitable for ordinary electric drills.

  • Wide application
    Professional application for various drains such as kitchen and sink drains, bathtubs and shower channels, sewer and floor drains.


  • Material: Steel

  • Length: 1M, 2M,3M

  • Weight: 200G

  • Package: 1* Pipe Dredging Spring and 1* Plug for Drill

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