Premium Car Scratch Remover Kit

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You can easily repair your car scratches in seconds without worrying about the high cost of repairs, do it yourself!💪💪


  • [Professional Car Scratch Repair Agent] Professional Car Scratch Repair Agent are designed to restore original shine and color. Its active decomposition scrub, filler components can be quickly filled after decomposition, repairing scratches on paint surface. Easilys surface oxide films and stubborn dirt, paint spots, burrs and glossy paint layers.

  • [Does notly react with car paint] Pure physical sanding after activation of car paint. So can repair scratches without affecting original paint, and is completely free of any stains. will never leave any other color on your car's original paint, which means zero chromatic aberration.

  • [Protective Coating] Your car surface will form a protective coating that lasts for months, providing a long-lasting shine. This long-lasting product is designed for vehicles and other solid surfaces that require superior shine and protection.

  • [Versatile] It can quickly remove small and light scratches, such as nail scratches, as well as scratches, minor scratches, minor paint scratches, paint swirls after polishing, etc., so that your car can maintain its luster again.

  • [Easy to Use] Just clear the scratches area, remove the dirt, wax, iron rust. Squeeze enough cream to the sponge. Use the sponge rub the scratch until the scratches are disappeared.The scratch remover for vehicles does not pick colors. It can work on any color’s vehicle, but please make sure there is no plating crystal or paint protection film.



  • Volume: 60ml, 15ml, 120ml

  • Function: Decontamination, glazing, acid rain prevention, scratch repair

  • Color: As Shown

  • Size:


  • 1 * Premium Car Scratch Remover Kit
  • 1 * Sponge


  • Please allow for slight measurement differences due to manual measurements.

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