Waterproof Repair Tape for Bathtub/Bathroom/Kitchen

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✨Show your clean house✨

Protects kitchen and bathroom corners from damage while improving the appearance

Do you have such problems?

  • ➤The corner joints are dirty and blackened by dust.

  • ➤Due to the kitchen fumes, the walls around the kitchen countertops turn yellow and the kitchen fumes are difficult to clean.

  • ➤ The joints between the bathtub and the wall as well as the sink of the washbasin began to peel off due to moisture.


  • ✔ PREVENTS DAMAGE: Kitchen fumes and moisture can damage wall gaps around kitchens, sinks and bathrooms, leaving them dirty and black. Ours provide seamless sealing and flush sealing without the usual mess of joints. It is made of high quality waterproof, mildew resistant PVC material that prevents water from seeping into the seams and keeps your kitchen, sink, bathroom and bathtub clean, tidy and mildew free.

  • ✔ TURN A DIRTY CORNER INTO A BETTER CORNER: Our magic sealing tape not only keeps your bathroom and kitchen clean and undamaged, but also can improve the look of your kitchen and bathroom with its colorful design.

  • ✔ STRONGER ADHESION: The adhesion of waterproof and oil-proof material is improved, so the bonding time is longer. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before use.

  • ✔ PERFECT FOR CURVED EDGES: It sticks to any angle and surface to create a tight seal. You can cut our tape to fit your needs.

  • Wide Applications: It can be widely used to seal the gap between gas stove, sink, vanity, toilet, bathtub and wall. 



  • Material: PVC

  • Weight: approx. 200 g

  • Size: 3.2 m long, 3.8 cm wide


  • 1 * Waterproof tape for kitchens and bathrooms


  1. Please clean the surface completely and make sure it is dry . Remove any existing silicone sealant before installation.

  2. It is recommended to install the strip above 25 degrees Celsius . It will not stay well if it is too cold.

  3. After installation, press the strip firmly and wait about 8 to 10 hours.

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