Waterproof running belts

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  • Running belt was developed as a comfortable, optimized solution for hands-free calling.
  • Running belts allow you to keep your essentials safely on your hips without compromising on style. They stay snug to your body, allowing for freedom of movement!

Waterproof running belts

  • Makes your travel easier, safer and more comfortable: Store your valuables in this spacious fanny pack, put it around your waist and cover it with shirt or jacket, your valuables will be out of sight and safe. Perfect for storing your essentials during large crowd events, gatherings, sports or water activities, etc.
  • MATERIAL (Ultralight): Lycra material for moisture wicking, quick drying, stretchy and excellent softness against your skin. The material is lightweight so you almost can't feel it when you put it on
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Water resistant material and zipper protect your valuables from sweat, rain and dirt. Stay dry and safe. This is a great product for hiking as most backpacks don't have a zippered compartment nearby.


  • Material: Lycra fabric
  • Weight: 70g
  • Package includes: 1 * WATERPROOF RUNNING BELT
  • Size:

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