Transparent sticky notes

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The translucent sticky notes have a high level of transparency that allows you to clearly see through the surface they are stuck to.


  • 📋 50 sticky notes with translucent design for maximum visibility through the surface underneath. It can be stuck anywhere without blocking the original documents or information you needed to take note of or continue reading. These leave no marks or residue on the stuck surface, making them ideal for writing reminders, notes, concepts or underlining and highlighting keywords without writing directly on the actual page.

  • 📋 The stickies can be easily written on with different types of pens without smudging, collecting ink or even bleeding through. Suitable for ballpoint pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, Sharpies, oil-based markers, ballpoint pens, colored pencils and more. This makes it ideal sticky notes for writing, reminding, underlining keywords or keeping track of different lines without inking the actual page.

  • 📋 It delivers a strong back adhesion that sticks firmly to the surface without causing a single damage. Prevents it from falling off or aligning to your needed position. It can also be quickly stuck and cleanly removed or repositioned anytime if needed.

  • 📋 Stick it to any surfaces, be it at home, school, office or other projects. It is suitable for annotating books, magazines, notebooks, documents, files, calendars, planners or leaving reminders on doors, refrigerators, tables, counters, lunch boxes, cabinets, windows, computers, laptops and walls. The translucent sticky notes can even be used as mini tracing paper or as bookmarks. Ideal for students, office workers, teachers, professors and so on.

  • 📋 Made of paper and PET, sticks securely, removes cleanly, sturdy and firm for long time use. With a smooth surface, it feels soft and comfortable, offering you a good hand feeling.


  • Material: PET
  • Color: purple, blue, green, yellow, pink, white
  • Size: 75*75mm


  • 5×Transparent sticky notes
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