Solar fountain pump

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🥰Solar fountain pump✨

  • Solar fountain pump floats on the water and has no power outlet or external battery. This product is suitable for bird baths, aquariums, small ponds, garden decorations, water circulation for oxygen, etc.


  • Remove the film covering the solar panel before using it;
  • Please install the hoses and nozzles after pushing the pump into water, and let it spray water for 3 seconds, and the nozzle should be above the water.

  • The water should be at least 1 inch deep and clean. If the water is not deep enough, the pump will not be able to pump in and spray out water.
  • If your fountain stops working, you can put it in a shaded area to cool down. Then you have 2 ways to reset it. You can charge it under the sun outside of the water for 2 hours. Alternatively, you can tap or lightly knock the center of the solar panel to reset it.

  • The built-in battery ensures that it works continuously on sunny days and also works for about 1 hour without sunlight.


  • If you don't want it to float, you can fix it in the ground with the suction cup or use an additional fishing line.
  • Please clean the pump regularly to ensure the fountain works properly.
  • Do not let the pump run without water for long periods of time, otherwise its lifespan will be shortened.
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