Polarized sunglasses for men in a new design

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  • 🕶 【HIGH STRENGTH, LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS】 We have made sure that our polarized sunglasses have the highest quality of all features. Our lenses are polarized UV 400, scratch resistant and also waterproof. The frame of our sunglasses is made of TR90 shape memory material, which allows for high flexibility and high impact resistance. The use of TR90 shape memory material in general creates a super durable, flexible and lightweight frame.

  • 🕶 【UV400 POLARIZED PROTECTIVE LENS】 This sunglasses is superior to the previous type of sunglasses in three ways - when you move indoors or outdoors, the lenses automatically adjust to the reduced light conditions. And secondly, the polarized lenses reduce stray light and glare. Meanwhile, 100% UV protection layers against harmful UVA/UVB rays

  • 🕶 【USAGE OCCASIONS】 Photochromic looking sunglasses can well stop the dazzling effects of sunlight when driving, running, fishing, cycling or other outdoor activities. Always keep your safety by your side.

  • 🕶 【NO MATTER DAY OR NIGHT, IT WORKS WELL】 Our sunglasses are made of special photochromic polarized lenses. When driving at night or in a dark environment, the lenses are brightly transparent to improve visibility while effectively reducing glare. During the day, it can effectively filter the strong light, improve visual acuity, reduce eye fatigue, and always keep the eyes in the most comfortable state during outdoor activities.


  • Polarized Class A lens

  • TR90 Flex frame

  • Scratch-resistant lenses

  • Shatterproof lenses

  • Hydrophobic lenses

  • Polarized Class A lens

  • Anti-reflective coating

  • 100% UV protection


  • 1 x New Design Polarized Sunglasses for Men (Comes with an exquisite 4-pack box set)

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