Mini thumb piano

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  • Easy learning, enjoyable playing
    It can be mastered in a short time. We provide you with an e-book with user manual, you can play songs in 5 minutes. For children and adults, the mini thumb piano is a good choice.
  • Comfortable to play and enjoy music
    There is no music base, only two thumbs can produce a beautiful sound. The thumb piano can also be played with other instruments such as ukulele, guitar, etc.
  • Put down the computer and mobile phone for a while, pick up the thumb piano, exercise finger flexibility and coordination with the brain, easily explore and cultivate your musical talents, and enjoy a pleasant and beautiful music melody.
  • Armrest curve design and curved buttons
    Ergonomic design and beautiful polishing effect bring you a more comfortable and convenient experience. The sharp teeth of the keys are engraved with notes, which is more conducive to hand-eye coordination than other notebook self-adhesive thumb pianos and is not easy to fall off.
  • Intelligent design
    With 8 keys for engraving notes, you can play directly without stickers, especially suitable for children, adults, beginners and professionals.
  • A pendant with a thumb harp bag with eight keys. The keychain is easy to carry and is suitable for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other occasions
  • The finger harp is small and cute, making it the best musical gift for kids, family and friends.


  • Material: wood + fastening
  • Style: Wood / Crystal
  • Weight: 100G
  • Size: 8*6*3(cm)


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