Mareike - Bohemian dress

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A bohemian dream: elegance in every seam

Imagine wearing the Mareike - Bohemian Dress, a garment that embodies the essence of bohemian elegance. The perfect companion for any summer adventure, this dress gracefully balances comfort with chic, vintage-inspired charm. The V-neck and short sleeves symbolize lightness and style, ensuring you're well-equipped for both beach outings and casual city strolls. Mareike invites you to enjoy the warmth of summer, wrapped in a silhouette that celebrates freedom and flair.

Why do hundreds of customers love Mareike?

✓ Feather-light comfort: The fabric feels like a gentle hug on your skin and makes every wear an exquisite experience.

✓ Visual poetry with stripes: Take your style game to the next level with ease, as the interplay of stripes adds depth and dimension to your ensemble and is sure to make heads turn.

✓ Timeless sophistication: Say goodbye to the boundaries of fashion with the classic long-sleeved profile that transcends the seasons.

✓ Flattering Round Neck: Not just a detail, the round neck is a flattering hug to your neckline. It adds the finishing touch to your look and completes the ensemble with a touch of sophisticated charm.


Size Breast length
S 95 68
M 100 69
L 105 70
XL 110 71
2XL 115 72
3XL 120 73

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