Hole Saw Drill Bit Set (12 PCS)

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Cut holes with ease!

These drill bits allow you to cut holes much more accurately and cleanly without spending hours finding the right hole or even hiring a professional to do it. The unique circular design allows you to drill the perfect hole every time.

These drill bits can be installed on any drill such as your regular standard electric, professional or even a bench drill. They are made of high-strength steel , making them more robust and durable . With superior quality, they will get you through many tasks with precision and consistency .

Applicable to equipment such as hand drills, bench drills, magnetic drills, etc.


  • 12 Piece Set: The set includes 12 powerful drill bits ranging in size from 15 to 50 mm, so you have all the drill bits you need to create the perfect hole for your job or project.

  • Superior Quality: They can drill and cut materials faster, achieve smoother surface quality and provide consistent performance.

  • Versatile: Can cut precise holes in steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminum, fiberglass, Formica and other laminates in seconds.

  • Prevents chips and cracks: Drill clean holes without damaging the materials

  • Robust and durable: hard metal steel, soon shows no signs of corrosion or rust.

  • Great Gift Idea: A perfect gift for friends and family members who are plumbers, carpenters, DIYers or woodworkers.

  • Green drilling technology: A dust-free working environment is required to avoid many health risks.

  • Minimal noise: Can cut through thick material and makes less noise.


  • Type: Carbide steel saw drill

  • Material: Carbide coated steel

  • Includes sizes:
    CT7-19 / 32 inches (15 mm), CT7-23 / 32 inches (18 mm),
    CT7-13/16 inch (20 mm), CT7-14 / 16 inch (22 mm),
    25 mm (CT7-1 inch), 26 mm (CT7-1-1 / 32 inch),
    CT7-1-3 / 32 inches (28 mm), CT7-1-3 / 16 inches (30 mm),
    CT7-1-3 / 8 inch (35 mm), CT7-1-9 / 16 inch (40 mm),
    CT7-1-25 / 32 inch (45 mm), CT7-2 inch (50 mm).


  • Hole saw drill x 12 pieces

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