Foldable cat tunnel

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A good cat toy is a must if you are busy with work or traveling and don't have time to take care of them.


  • 💛 Elastic Collapsible Cat Tunnel - Cats can move freely, both sides with cat's favorite mice and feathers can make your cat love this toy more. It is not only a tunnel, but also can be used as a tease.

  • 💛 Adapt to cat's instincts - Cats' natural love to dig into a variety of crevices and holes, the tunnel is perfect for cats to release their nature, you can go through directly from head to tail, so that your cat will not lose its nature, there can also be a special place in the house for cats to carry around freely.

  • 💛 Suitable for multiple cats - If you have many cats in your house, you can let them all play and they will enjoy the feeling of running out after entering the tunnel together.

  • 💛 Safe Material - We use safe material, even if the cat scratches, it will not be damaged. Because we use elastic mesh material that can withstand the scratching action of cats, there is a steel wire structure in the main shaft so that it will not break easily.

  • 💛 Two-in-one cat toy - Both a tunnel toy and a neck stick, with different feathers and mice on both sides, both toys that cats like every day.

  • 💛 Easy to store - Storage is very simple, only the head and tail cannot be stored together, does not take up space at all, and is very light, a cat toy that can be taken out.


  • Material: steel wire+elastic mesh

  • Color yellow

  • Length: 50cm

  • Diameter: 20 cm


  • 1 × Foldable cat tunnel

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