2024 Cat Calendar

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A gift for a cat-loving friend

This funny grumpy cat calendar has something snarky to say about every month of the year. It makes a chic holiday gift for Christmas, New Years and more. Your friends and family, teens and seniors (especially those who love cats) will love it.


  • Cat Photos: The main feature of this calendar is the cute cat photos that can be seen every month. These photos show different cat breeds whose lively, cute and charming appearance will bring joy and pleasure.

  • Important Dates and Holidays: The cat calendar allows you to mark important dates and holidays such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and so on. This way, users can easily view and organize their schedules and remember special cat-related dates.
  • Decorative Design: The cat calendars focus on decorative design so that they are not only practical tools but also decorative elements for your room or office. They feature beautiful cover designs, unique typography and color schemes that give them appeal and beauty.
  • Preferred as a gift: Cat calendars can also be used as special gifts for cat lovers. Whether it is a birthday, holiday or commemorative gift, cat calendars can surprise and bring joy to the recipient and show that you care and understand their love of cats.


  • Sizes: 11 inches wide x 22 inches high (hanging) / 11 inches wide x 11 inches high (unopened)

  • Material: coated paper; sturdy uncoated paper

  • Binding method: spiral binding

  • Perforated for easy hanging


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